My Response to “Republicans Can’t Give Up Hope”

My response to the claim that we must not “give up hope”: So without election integrity in any blue state or borderline state, we’re going to see a smashing Trump vindication in the 2022 and 2024 elections? I don’t think so. It’s not an issue of hope. Of course the bad guys can’t win–not ultimately, and not if the good guys assert themselves. But so long as the good guys keep pretending that the game isn’t rigged, and that it’s possible to win a game ever-more rigged by the bad guys…well, then you’re going to lose. Secession and nullification (by county and locality, not just by state) are better options than this.

There is no next time, like I said when Biden installed his regime in January. We need a whole new plan. THAT’S your hope. Not pretending that we can win a rigged game. If “not giving up hope” means trying to do business with irredeemably bad, corrupt people in a media-driven electoral system they entirely control, then you might as well be the hapless Chamberlin responding to Hitler with, “Peace in our time.” These people in power–all of the Democrats and some of the Republicans–are mind-blowingly evil people; and most of the Republicans are morally weak and spineless at best.

We need a new plan. The Constitution and Bill of Rights was a great one–but it’s no longer in operation. If you don’t believe that after what we have witnessed in the last 15 months, then I suppose whatever comes next (gun confiscation, more overt censorship, possible hyperinflation) won’t convince you, either. Hope does not mean deluding yourself. Hope only comes into play when you face harsh reality squarely in the face. Without blinking.



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