“Woke” Virtue-Signalers Cannot Conquer Us

Virtue-signaling, posturing, posing … these actions all scream, “Look at me. I am a GOOD person.” That’s what all these corporations and people making sure others believe they’re “woke” are basically implying. What they’re really saying is, “Please like me. I get my sense of self-worth from other people liking me. I know that if I adopt the woke and correct positions on things, that I’ll be part of the pack — that you’ll like me. That’s all that matters. It’s the only way I can survive.”

This is why woke-ism cannot win. It’s built on a foundation of cotton candy for character; and mashed potatoes for brains. It relies upon the very worst, the least mature in people — the absolute weakest within a person’s soul — in order to conquer. That’s a glaring contradiction. It can’t work. A strong, confident and actually worthwhile person is incapable of virtue-signaling, or posing, or any of the things we’re seeing on a truly pathological scale today. Virtue-signaling and conforming are, in fact, the polar OPPOSITE of character. It’s for precisely these situations — where objective value, actual justice, and rational truth all conflict with the growls of the pack — that character was designed! You either have character, or you don’t.

That’s one of the better attributes of these times. You can often quickly tell who has character; and who does not. Think of the people still walking around with masks. THEY are your conquerors? Remember that. If you’re a rational and freedom-loving person, your adversaries are so, so weak and pitiful, at the core. Even if they win, their victory will never mean anything — not even to them. And in the end, they can never win.



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