The Elites Are Wrong About EVERYTHING

Politics without election integrity is meaningless. Discussion and resolution of ideological differences is impossible without freedom of speech, particularly on social media and the Internet. Economic growth without individual liberty and private property will not happen. Health and safety without choice and freedom will be nonexistent. Pretending that political science is real science will not save lives; it will end up killing millions.

Until we grasp, as a society, that the people we have hired to rule us (in government) and govern our thinking (in the arts, media and culture) are WRONG ABOUT VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING, there will increasingly be nothing left worth fighting for. The looming catastrophe of the Biden-Harris regime is a symptom of the tolerance too many people have for utter idiocy, all based on the faulty twin premises of, “It can’t happen here. It can’t happen to me.” It can, and it IS. What to do? Reverse course 180 degrees on essentially everything. A complete U-turn: toward freedom, individual rights, objectivity, common sense, truth-speaking and truth-seeking. Don’t let it go, America.



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