Tlaib, Biden: Domestic Terrorists Who Threaten Israel — and America

A terrorist congresswoman is screaming at Biden for failing to have wiped Israel off the face of the map. He prefers to do so gradually, while she wants it done yesterday. Totalitarians naturally despise Israel. It has nothing to do with religion. Israel respects the rights of individuals, albeit imperfectly and inconsistently. You can live in Israel and be a Muslim, for example. But the PLO is just a terrorist gang whose primary mission is to first destroy Israel, and then destroy the United States–because these countries have too much freedom. No worries, Tlaib. With people like you and Biden in power, freedom will soon be gone from the free world. Tlaib hissing at the hapless Bidens is simply an example of the criminals and sociopaths turning on one another. Like they always do. [Photo and headline credit: Fox News]



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