Just Shut Up, Prince Harry

Prince Harry is under fire after referring to the First Amendment of the Constitution as “bonkers” while discussing the media “feeding frenzy” after he and his wife Meghan Markle left the United Kingdom and moved into Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills mansion while they were settling in the United States.

“I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers,” the Duke of Sussex said.

Don’t take his views too seriously.

Harry’s hatred of free speech is actually an expression (and confession) of his own unimportance.

When you’re born into the world and made both a celebrity and billionaire for doing absolutely NOTHING and achieving absolutely NOTHING, you resent it when people snicker and talk about it.

Instead of questioning the people doing the snickering, or perhaps doing something constructive (aside from whining to Oprah), Prince Harry — who wants all the advantages and benefits of royal life with none of the costs — blames freedom of speech itself. “If only people weren’t allowed to talk, then I wouldn’t have to listen.” He’s like all the other totalitarians of his generation, even if he has no clue what a totalitarian is.

Like all censors, Harry never states openly WHO should do the censoring and WHO gets to decide what is and is not heard.

He doesn’t really care. He’s not smart enough to be an ideologue, even a wrong or bad one. He’s just acting like an entitled brat. He’s an international fool, and perhaps he senses it, which is why he wants everyone to be shut up. In reality, he’s the one who should shut up. It would be in his own best interests.

You can legitimately feel for a person who’s born into a life he never asked for. Harry did not choose royalty. But he continues to demand all the attention, money and power to which he feels entitled. Power which, in the case of obliterating free speech, the royal charter does not even entitle him. But he wants it anyway. He thinks we should listen to the stupid, tired opinions about life, society and morality spewed out by himself and his wife because of a royal status that he roundly condemns every chance he gets.

We don’t need your opinions, Prince Harry. The world is already full of madness, depravity and insanity. Just figure out your own life and leave the First Amendment the hell alone.



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