Why Leftists Cannot Let Go of the Vaccine Issue

I don’t initiate arguments about the COVID vaccine. Leftists are not reasonable, not on the topics of our day, and you cannot reason with unreasonable people; they are hopeless. But leftists cannot help themselves. They must bring the subject up. They so lack confidence, objective knowledge or certainty, they must constantly cajole others because they lack the serenity that comes from truly knowing one is right. Sometimes I have to deal with leftists, as much as I try to avoid them. I just had this exchange with someone.

Leftist: “The vaccine works. In order for it to work, both you and I must get the vaccine. If I get the vaccine and you don’t, then I will get sick, thanks to you. If we both get the vaccine, neither of us will get sick.”

Me: “But how can that be? If the vaccine protects you from getting sick, it protects you from getting sick. Why do my actions affect you one way or the other?”

Leftist: “Variance. It’s complex. No time to explain — but that’s how it is. Just take the vaccine.”

Me: “I’m not satisfied by this response. If what you’re saying is plainly rational, you should be able to explain it.”

Leftist: “Not necessary. Just get the vaccine.”

Me: “And what about the total lack of liability for anything that goes wrong? Would you get in a car made by a company that the government said could never be liable, even if they put faulty brakes in the car or were otherwise negligent?”

Leftist: “Variance disproves all you’re saying. Everyone must get the vaccine. If not, the virus will come back.” [Threatening tone]

Translation: “CNN told me so. End of story.”



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