People Not Getting Vaccinated Will Become the Empire’s Scapegoats

So I’m hearing, more and more, that people who got the vaccine a month or more ago are still coming down with COVID. Most aren’t dying, of course, because the virus is usually not deadly. But they’re still getting it — despite the vaccine. I know for a fact this has happened in cases people have told me about; and even MSNBC had a headline on this story yesterday, claiming there are thousands of such documented cases. While I don’t believe anything MSNBC says, it’s noteworthy they have included this in their propaganda; they plan to make use of it.

If this trend is real and continues, here’s my prediction about how it will play out. The federal and most state governments will impose lockdowns again — worse than before, and for much longer. Think the U.K., who may never, ever be out of lockdown mode. They will blame the people who failed to get vaccines for the problem. It will be just like the mask issue: “People who don’t wear masks are responsible for the COVID numbers going up.” Of course, the vast majority of people who get COVID wear masks, because the vast majority of people wear masks. But that’s not part of “science” in today’s framework.

It will be the same with any perceived or actual failure of the vaccine. I don’t think the response will be limited to shaming. They’ll use this as an excuse to impose the “vaccine passports”, which they’re already going to do through the compliant Communist “private” sector, at least the large corporations getting all the government subsidies. But I predict they’ll go even further. If the media decides the ineffectiveness of the vaccine is severe enough, and that it’s all the fault of the 20 or 30 percent of the population who won’t get the vaccine, that’s when you’ll see the rounding up begin. I’m talking Nazi Germany. Brace yourselves. These tyrants in power are capable of ANYTHING and they’re not going to lose power, since they’ve rigged most of the elections. Not with 13 on the Supreme Court and all the other things they’re planning and executing, so far quite successfully.

My advice? Ignore and disobey the government as much as you can. Deceit, while a vice in voluntary relationships, is a VIRTUE when dealing with evil. In the words of Ayn Rand, morality ends where a gun begins. Refuse, in your minds, to acknowledge the moral legitimacy of any dictatorship. This is not your granddaddy’s American government — dysfunctional, but more or less freedom-loving. These people are evil and rotten to the core. I’m referring to the Bidens, the Pelosis, the whole pack — as well as most of your neighbors, friends and family who support them. Don’t let them off the hook. Ignorance can be stretched as an excuse, but only so far.



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