America’s Own Government is Now the Enemy

Someone asked a good question: What does the Biden regime have in store for us, given its open intent to stack the Supreme Court with a left-wing majority, permanently?

It’s not hard to imagine. We’re not living in anything like the United States of America any longer. Living today is like living after World War II — had the Japanese and Nazis won. There would have been some going through the motions at first, on the pretense we still lived in a free society, as the way was cleared for a total dictatorship.

You have to stop referring to “the Biden administration” or “President Biden.” These people are dictators. It’s a regime. The people capable of the things they’re openly doing now are capable of far worse horrors — concentration camps, gulags, or whatever suits their whim for power. They are getting away with EVERYTHING with nobody other than hapless Republicans — most of them paid off traitors — to stop them.

I’m not trying to be negative. I’m simply giving you the truth. Find one shred of evidence to the contrary. EVERYTHING these dictators are seeking to do, they are doing. They are doing it unblinkingly and, so far, with no real opposition. Republicans talk about a “red wave” in the Congressional elections of November 2022. Like that will matter? If these Communists/fascists achieve even one-tenth of what they’re proposing — and right now they’re achieving 100 percent of it, with far worse to come — then no election will matter by that time. Let’s be real. If elections still mattered, Donald Trump would still be sitting in the White House. We know that — and, more importantly, our enemies know that. They also know what they’re getting away with, which gives them unlimited arrogance and makes them incredibly dangerous.

It’s every man and woman for him- or herself here. The government is officially the enemy. For 200-plus years, Americans relied on their government to protect them from enemies — British royal tyrants, National Socialists, Communists. Today, OUR own government is now the enemy. And, you will discover, this regime is at least as bad as any enemy Americans faced in past generations. And if you think Joe Biden is bad … just wait for Kamala.

[Photo credit: The Daily Beast]



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