Red States AND Red Counties: It’s Time to EXIT

“The House of Representatives will vote Tuesday on whether to make Washington, D.C., a State.” [Breitbart]

Sure. Bring in D.C. and Puerto Rico. That means 4 more Communists in the U.S. Senate–FOREVER. We’re already getting 4 new Communists on the Supreme Court. Why not go all the way?

My question for red states and red COUNTIES throughout the former USA republic: What reason do you have to stay in this regime? It’s a permanent one-party, far-left cabal where power and policies ARE NEVER GOING TO CHANGE HANDS.

I believe that Texas, South Carolina, Wyoming, Montana, West Virginia, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and other red states should LEAVE this mess. And I believe that red counties in blue states, including New York and California, should also exit. Divide and exit sure beats submission and tyranny.

Let’s start a new free country WITHOUT the left. This new free country will absolutely uphold individual rights, property rights, gun rights, and freedom of speech. Taxes will be minimal and government will only protect us from thugs and criminals–including the rulers of the remaining blue states and counties.

Sound too crazy and radical? Then I guess this means you’re willing to live under a permanent, one-party radical left-wing regime with no hope of ever enjoying any freedom again. I am ready for the EXIT. If you value the liberty and freedom you no longer have, you had better seriously consider it.

Let’s just get it over with. It’s going to happen anyway, unless 70 million Americans roll over and decide to give in to the greatest totalitarian dictatorship the world has ever known.



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