Why Civilization is Going Down the Tubes

The root of all evil is neither money nor “selfishness”. The root of all evil is the failure to THINK. The ultimate tragedy for an individual — or for a civilization — is an inability to think.

Freedom is disappearing because civilization is faltering. Civilization is faltering because mass numbers of people don’t know how to think. One reason we all must know how to think? So we can acquire, retain and utilize rational, objective knowledge. When we lose the ability to think, we have to default to SOME kind of objective standard. Our minds and nature require it. Generally, that standard of default (when thinking is gone) is “other people.”

Hence, the spectacle of millions of people getting vaccines, while still wearing masks, and most of these people thinking it’s foolish — yet doing it anyway. Hence, the spectacle of millions of people falling for socialism, including inflationary and currency-busting government spending, on a scale of madness never before seen in human history. Hence the censorship, the gun confiscation and all that’s coming.
Why the acceptance of lunacy by millions of people who aren’t insane? Because other people are doing it. “Everyone else seems to think it’s OK. So I guess I’m missing something. Who am I to judge? Who am I to think?” Of course, these other people are all thinking the same thing. Nobody thinks independently. And the only people who do “think” independently are the irrationalists — the woke, the crazies, the tyrants. They’re not really thinking. They’re just asserting, feeling, raging and controlling.

That’s how and why the lunatics and the despots are taking over. So long as the majority of us will not or cannot THINK, we’re at the mercy of the lowest sociopathic scum and the mentally deranged who dominate our cultural elite. It never had to be. And it doesn’t have to remain this way. But somebody has got to start THINKING.



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