Conversation With an Idiot about the Fallacy of “Gun Control”

Leftist: People kill people with guns. Get rid of the guns. Then there will be far fewer murders.

Rational person: But what about the motivation of people who want to kill? Will that disappear when guns disappear?

Leftist: No, of course not. But if the guns are gone, the motivation will have nowhere to go. You can’t kill if you don’t have a weapon.

Rational person: What do you think will happen to the murderer and his motivation? He still wants to kill people. Nobody who wishes to avoid prison will break the new law banning guns. However, the criminal has nothing to lose, at least in his mind. He gets off on killing, and it’s worth it — to him — to risk going to jail for a gun violation. His getting off on murder is sick, and evil. But it gives him a sense of power.

We know that with heroin addicts, they’ll do anything to get their drugs. And despite all the laws against heroin, they still get their drugs. Don’t you think the killer — an addict of sorts — will do the same thing?

Leftist: No. The government can stop this. The government will stop it. If the government makes something illegal, then it will become next to impossible to do that thing. Drugs are different.

Rational person: How are drugs different? If government cannot stop people who wish to use heroin from using it, at any cost, then how can the government stop people who wish to open fire on strangers from doing so, at any cost?

Leftist: These questions are racist. Only a white supremacist would raise them. Racism causes all the social evils.

Rational person: I don’t understand what racism has to do with this. We’re talking about the effectiveness of government controls. But if racism causes drug abuse, poverty and illegal border crossings, then won’t racism continue to cause murder?

Leftist: Not if we get rid of the guns. To control racism, we must first get everyone’s guns. Period. End of story. Come on!


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