What Will Gun Bans Look Like in Practice?

There’s no question gun bans are coming. Biden, acting on the premises of a dictatorship, has declared that he does not have to wait. If Congress won’t do what he wants, he will issue executive orders banning guns as he sees fit.

Once this precedent is established, the Second Amendment is officially over. Even if Biden signs an executive order banning one type of gun, the stage will be set for additional executive orders by the same method. It’s only a matter of time; and liberty is slipping away so quickly, it won’t be much time.

Banning ammunition is no different. Letting people keep guns while taking away ammunition is — to gun rights — what letting people keep their homes, while taking away their food, would be to the right to life. It’s madness even to dignify such proposals with any legitimacy.

The real question is: What will gun bans look like, once they’re here? We’ll know soon enough. My own state of Delaware is a model for what’s to come — ironically enough, since it’s Joe Biden’s state. Delaware is trying to ban “ghost guns” — guns without serial numbers. The means for doing so, in the proposed law likely to pass, is simply to declare these guns illegal 90 days from now. After that date, if you still own a gun, you’re automatically a felon.

Under a Biden executive order, I believe that’s what gun bans will look like. He’ll probably start with “assault” weapons. Of course, an assault weapon in the hands of a hero is actually a lifesaver. But that doesn’t matter to gun control advocates. Obviously, they’re after something other than the safety of innocent people.

When Biden signs his executive order, or perhaps after it passes Congress, as he prefers, people all over the United States — tens of millions of people — will become felons overnight, merely for owning guns or ammunition that the federal government doesn’t want them to own. Tens of millions of felons created … overnight.

In the meantime, madmen like the shooter in Boulder will continue to do their thing. In fact, the violence will likely escalate, as such madmen realize they’re facing a disarmed population. The media will not talk about it. Facebook and Twitter will block or censor people who attempt to talk about the escalating violence that follows gun bans. They’ll post little “warnings” with links to things like, “Learn the facts about gun control and gun safety here.” We know it will happen. Why? Because we’ve seen it all before. Just months before.

Rapid takeovers, swift destruction of liberty followed by widespread, government-sanctioned censorship. This is the new pattern for dictatorships in the twenty-first century. Dictators are just being what they are. Can we honestly blame them? They get away with it. It’s so not 1776. Unless or until this changes — in the hearts and the minds of these millions of government-deemed felons — we’re going to see more and more of the same.


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