The Immigration Problem in America Will Soon Go Away

When America’s socialists run out of other people’s money — and non-existent money fueled by fiat currency and debt — the immigration problem will be solved.

I received this from a reader just today:

“You may not remember me (I contacted you briefly in the past). We came from Latvia to this country running from socialism. After more than 30 years in America- we are planning the 2nd emigration. We will not live under the fascist racist dictators. The “great experiment” is over. People are back on their knees. We may survive in Prague or Riga. I feel very sad about my children (and their children to come.) In reality- it will take several years: first we will move from New York to Miami. But America is finished. It is clear. It may be restored again- in 50 or 100 years…”

Tragic and unprecedented in American history. But the people who voted for our present dictatorship, and who still support it, are the ones responsible.


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