Rules for Fighting “Domestic Terrorism” Not the Same as Previous Rules

We’re told that anyone who supported Donald Trump qualifies as a potential “domestic terrorist”, and will potentially be treated as such. What will this mean, in practice? We’ll soon know. My guess: No weapons for self-protection (Senator Dianne Feinstein has already said as much); “no fly” status based on your voting habits, presumably (in addition to your vaccination status); and all kinds of other things will be forthcoming, based on this justification that “we must stop domestic terrorism in its tracks.”

Interestingly, the same people who now use a label of “domestic terrorism” — hard left Democrats — are the very same people who used to claim you MAY NOT criticize anyone with a Muslim faith, nor ever suggest a person with that faith MIGHT be a terrorist, and that to do so would constitute “hate speech” or even a “hate crime”.

Actual Muslims instigated acts of terrorism against innocent citizens of the United States all the time — in the name of the religion we were never permitted to criticize. 9/11 and the Orlando disco shooting are two of the most infamous examples.

We were barely allowed to investigate and prosecute the ACTUAL perpetrators of ACTUAL terrorism in those instances. Suggesting we do so would constitute discriminatory and “hateful” speech, we were told. Obama lectured us daily, and intensified his lectures whenever terrorism in the name of Islam took place. A mosque was proposed on the site of the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center, and we were commanded to applaud it.

Yet today, we’re supposed to cast a huge net over POTENTIAL terrorists — tens of millions of people — deemed as such by the same people who wouldn’t allow us to call ACTUAL terrorists by their real name, back from 2001 to 2016, due to fear of offending.

It’s beyond hypocrisy. It’s beyond ludicrous. It’s not only madness. It’s a profound and evil injustice, every bit as evil as actual terrorism itself. Our government and our culture have been taken over by tyrants capable of terrorism against innocent people, merely for holding different ideological or political views.

There’s not much you can do about it, at this point, beyond going “underground” and doing everything possible to ensure self-protection. Leftists played the long game, and they won, having taken over not just our government but all of our cultural and educational institutions. We still have crumbs of liberty and free speech, here and there, but the charges of “domestic terrorism” will be used to justify the most horrendous totalitarian regime the world has yet seen, if they get their way.

Just hold onto the objective truth in your minds, because that’s one area nobody can ever terrorize or penetrate — not unless you let them.



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