The Masking of Civilization

So let me get this straight…COVID vaccinations will protect you and others from the virus. However, you must still social distance and wear masks (not 1 mask, but 3) AFTER getting the vaccination. Perhaps permanently, and certainly indefinitely. You may not ask why. Governors and mayors must continue to lock down most human activity indefinitely, even after everyone is vaccinated. Most importantly, you must do all this not primarily for yourself, but primarily (or even exclusively) for other people, especially people you do not know.

This is Communism on steroids. Mass insanity on this scale has never been seen before, not even in the darkest era of human history.

A reader replies: I want to be able to see people smile again, and to be able to smile back. Having to see faceless zombies everywhere you go is bad for your mental health.

My reply: The masks are dehumanizing. They creep me out. It breaks my heart to see the hardworking souls, in restaurants for example, who opt not to stay home and collect permanent unemployment, forced to wear these obscene face diapers. It’s perverse and sadistic. My loathing for our imperial rulers (along with those who actually vote for them) is now beyond my ability to articulate.



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