Delaware’s Unconstitutional “Ghost Gun” Law: And So Begins the Dictatorship

Delaware is about to outlaw so-called “ghost guns”, firearms that are difficult for the government to trace due to a lack of serial numbers. What’s striking about this isn’t the legislation itself so much as the way it’s being implemented. The law, which easily cleared committee in the one-party Democratic state, makes it a felony to possess such a gun after a 90 day period. The law will almost certainly pass. No euphemistic “buyback”; just hand over your property, or it’s jail for you. This fails to take into account the Second Amendment and property rights of the vast majority of “ghost” gun owners who possess such weapons for self-protection, and would easily pass any criminal background check. Furthermore, the law brazenly violates the First Amendment by outlawing any discussion of, or instructions about, how to make these kinds of guns. The Delaware government is essentially saying, “You don’t need to own such a gun. The needs of the government come first. Forget your First and Second Amendment rights.” This is a horrible precedent. And it’s just the beginning. We no longer live in a free country. #NotMyDictatorship



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