America’s Cultural Revolution

The “woke” revolution is a cultural revolution. China had one too, under Mao, before it went full blown Communist. A cultural revolution is the precursor to a totalitarian dictatorship. It’s an attempt to get people “ready” for the social transformation about to take place.

Wokeness, like all cultural revolutions, is an attempt to impose a new normal, not just with regard to masks and lockdowns, but with regard to EVERYTHING. Getting rid of Aunt Jemima and Dr. Seuss is a way of telling people, “The things you have enjoyed in life, or taken for granted? Those things are all BAD.” They’re trying to condition our thinking, more than to change our minds. They’re trying to get us to associate pleasant, charming and fun aspects of civilization with guilty, shameful and unpleasant thoughts. Consider them left-wing Puritans, more controlling and dark than the most intolerant of Puritans.

Imagine a totalitarian religious dictatorship (Muslim, Christian, it doesn’t matter) taking over the whole country. That’s what this is. It’s happening now. It’s a campaign of intimidation and moralistic self-righteousness designed to replace the attributes of reason, persuasion and common sense. Totalitarians are seeking to reshape people by force. But they know they can’t force everybody to change their minds on everything; so they resort to intimidation. It’s easier to change people through the cultural institutions — sports, television, movies, social media, books, grocery stores, food chains — that they willingly embraced all along. Even if you don’t change anyone’s minds, in a cultural revolution you put people on notice that “now everyone thinks this way…so you had better do so too!”

Wokeness appeals to human weakness. One of the greatest weaknesses in most human beings is a craving to be a part of “the pack” — to replace one’s own observation of reality with the perceived perceptions of everyone else. Mind you, each and every individual is expected now to look to “what everyone else thinks” to ascertain the truth. That’s the toxic core of the Woke Cultural Revolution in America. Its underlying premise is: “You don’t think like a CONSERVATIVE, individualist, capitalistic Bill of Rights Lover … do you?” Hilariously, everyone is looking to everyone else — who’s also looking to everyone else — to figure out what’s true. Nobody has an independent thought. It’s the intellectually and psychologically blind leading the intellectually and psychologically blind.

That’s how we ended up with such widespread and blind allegiance to mask mandates and lockdowns. Cultural revolutionists watched the unthinking conformity to the COVID hysteria, and quickly realized how uncritical and fearful most Americans had become. So they struck Americans at this vulnerable hour: And look how they’re succeeding.

They won’t win in the long run. Irrational fanatics at war with facts, reason, reality and common sense cannot ever win. By definition, their quest is not triumph or achievement; only destruction. They are the cultural equivalent of arsonists or rapists. They can burn down or destroy. But they can create or sustain NOTHING. However, like any arsonist, they can do a hell of a lot of damage in their destruction. If you think they’ll stop at Dr. Seuss, Aunt Jemima, statues of Thomas Jefferson and copies of Gone With the Wind … well, you’re clueless. And right now, they’re literally destroying our culture. Gleefully, brick by brick.

America may go down in this cultural revolution. We are going down, at this moment. Decades or centuries from now, the best of the human spirit will surely rise again. But look at what we lost in 2020 and 2021. And how rational people in the future will properly condemn and mock those of us who let it happen. “Shame, shame, shame,” chant the Cultural Marxists setting America on fire. The actual shame belongs with those of us who remain silent and fearful, as it happens right before our eyes.



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