So…Money DOES Grow On Trees After All

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Parents used to teach this to their kids — because it’s true, and because they believed it.

There’s no longer a basis for believing it. At least, not if you believe politicians.

Starting last year, and now with more intensity since President Trump and Republicans lost control of the government, government spends trillions upon trillions of dollars. Even the most robust economy could never create the money they’re spending. It’s just debt — and inflation of the currency, via “printing” more money.

They do it as justification for the wreckage they caused via lockdowns and riots — and then take credit for cleaning up.

Even five years ago, it would have been unthinkable for the government to shut down most human activity. The first protest you’d hear is, “What about the economy?”

Today, that’s no longer a problem. The government shuts down most human activity and then pays everyone what they no longer get. Unemployment benefits now pay more than many jobs, particularly entry level jobs, or jobs in the not-so-high-paying food service industries. To the government, that’s just fine. They can provide a guaranteed national income (without calling it that) which makes jobs increasingly irrelevant.

I routinely hear people talking about it now. Particularly younger people, or people with low income. There’s little or no rational anxiety about holding or keeping a job. The question isn’t, “Where will I find work?” Or: “How do I keep my job? Or rise up the ladder?” The question has become: “When is the next stimulus check coming? And how much will it be?” Democrats are firmly, and likely permanently (thanks to election fraud), in charge of the government. They have openly reassured their needy subjects: More checks will be coming. Forever.

It appears that money DOES now grow on trees. Most of our parents were wrong. Since it’s so easy for the government simply to “print” or create (electronically) more and more money, then why not just pay everyone a billion dollars a month, instead of a mere $1400 or $2000 or whatever the next stimulus check will be? On the same premise, it shouldn’t be a problem. And if it IS a problem, morally and economically speaking, then why are we doing it at all?

It’s the greatest con job in all of human history. The government has created a crisis to ensure destruction of the economy. Then the same government that destroyed the economy comes in as the rescuer to provide “emergency” bailouts for an emergency that’s already into year two, with no signs of ending.

Of course, economists do have a few things to say about unlimited government spending. Deficits and a spiraling national debt do matter. And something called inflation — to say nothing of hyperinflation, which totally devalues the currency — might eventually come home to affect everyone except for the one percent elites who rule over our Communist paradise. Everything we know about economics, human nature, and the repeated failures of socialism tell us that disaster will arrive. Including — and especially — toward the ignorant fools who now celebrate their government “freebies”.

Not that we’ll be permitted to talk about it, when it happens.



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