The Government Has NO Rights; Only the Individual Has Rights. Period.

There’s no such thing as “state’s rights”. And there’s no such thing as government rights, period.

Only ONE kind of rights matter: The rights of the individual.

Federal and state governments exist to SERVE and UPHOLD the rights of the individual — NOT the other way around.

Incredible and absurd as it may seem, people like Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and AOC are in SERVICE to us. They answer to US. Not the other way around.

Yet every single thing these horrible creatures say and do reflects exactly the opposite premise and attitude. They are sociopaths and abusers. They act and legislate as if WE are owned by them. Most of us permit it, and many of us applaud it.

This must change. Unless or until we become as angry at these people as they deserve, we will continue to live our lives in service to a dictatorship. And that dictatorship is going to grow, and grow and grow. It’s growing right before our eyes, in most of the country. It has been a trend for decades, and now it’s exploding, executive order by executive order. The Supreme Court will do nothing. The federal government is rotten to the core, and there’s nothing good left in it. We can accept it now or accept it later. I choose to accept it now; if you don’t agree with me right this moment, I am confident — at least if you cherish freedom — that you will agree with me before the end of this year.

When it comes to the rights of the states versus the rights of the federal government, this is the rule: Whoever better upholds the rights of the individual wins. If none of them do so, then to hell with them all. Blue states have become dictatorships just as much as the federal government presently is. States like Texas, Florida, and South Dakota are much more respectful of the rights of the individual than the federal government will ever hope to be again. Election integrity is gone at the federal level, and in all currently blue states. There will not be another President Trump.

So in the days and weeks to come, when you perhaps see a major conflict develop between Texas and the federal government, and between Florida and the federal government, don’t ask yourself if the state has rights. Ask yourself who has the moral high ground. The Democratic Party is utterly hopeless, way too far gone, thoroughly collectivist, fascist and Communist. They’re done. By “done” I mean every bit as much an enemy of freedom as the Nazis and the Communists were at the peak of their aggression. Read the news daily, for details.

Republicans are a mixture of good and evil. Most of them are not to be trusted, but there are a few good guys on that side. However, don’t be distracted by partisanship. Only one thing matters: YOU are sovereign over YOUR life; and I am sovereign over mine.

The most important right you and I have is the right to be left alone. We have the right to speak freely on our property, and defend our property. We have a right to trade with whomever we wish to trade. Rights are rights.

Proper governments uphold rights; this is the ONLY thing that gives them any legitimacy.

Nothing will ever change the nature or reality of rights, nor give anyone else the moral high ground — no matter how many guns, bombs, or jails they possess.



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