Two Americas: Texas/Florida vs. New York/California

We live in two Americas. One is the land of Communism; the other is the land of freedom.

In the land of freedom, like Texas and Florida, mask mandates and lockdowns are lifted. Whatever you think of these mandates, they really were intended to be temporary.

In other states, it’s different. In other states, they keep moving the goalposts. “Well, we can’t get rid of lockdowns now. There could be another strain coming. And then there’s the problem of climate change and racism. We have to keep the controls in place.” And expand the controls, of course.

Under Communism, the more the controls on liberty don’t do what they’re advertised to do, the more we’re told: “They didn’t go far enough. We need to double and triple down.”

Under freedom, controls and liberty are viewed as unfortunate, temporary and perhaps — perish the thought — even big, unconstitutional mistakes from the get-go.

On the one hand, it’s good to see there’s still a battle. It’s good to see that we have states like Texas, Florida, Wyoming, South Dakota, South Carolina and  a few others. But the bulk of America’s population resides in the states with the biggest and (up until now) most influential cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago. Those states are hard, hard Communist. And they’re moving more to the left. Imagine a place where Andrew Cuomo is considered too moderate for the hard left now dominating the entire Democratic Party nationally — and you’ll be thinking of New York. He’s being ousted to pave the way for a true-blue socialist. New York will be as gone as Russia in 1917.

Connecticut is an interesting exception, and could spell trouble ahead for the forces of leftism. That hard blue state is lifting its controls, at least partially. It’s not Texas. But for a blue state to be doing this at all is the opposite of, “We have to double and triple down.” Fauci and Biden (when he’s lucid) are freaking out, screaming about the second wave that will soon be coming. They don’t wish to lose control. They couldn’t care less about anyone’s health. Biden is demented and Fauci has no such excuse; he’s living in a cocoon inside the Beltway. All he cares about is that the vapid hosts on CNN and MSNBC like him.

The battle for freedom and liberty will never end. In a way, we should have always known that. America’s founders understood it. Nonetheless, it’s sad to see it take such a dramatic and all-encompassing turn. People who have lost their freedom in most of the blue states will literally have to fight to gain it back. The Bill of Rights means nothing to their governors and their President — excuse me, their occupation leader. And prepare for Kamala Harris. She’s coming. She’s got the ambitions of a Hitler and a Stalin … with only a third of the brain and none of the finesse.

It’s not going to be pretty. But then again, the never-ending human quest for freedom never was.



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