What Meghan & Harry Tell Us About Millions of Ordinary People

Why does anyone care about the Royal Family, and Meghan and Harry in particular? Because of how the Royal Family relates to themselves.

What stands out about the Meghan and Harry spectacle? Two things: false entitlement; and male emasculation.

There’s nothing unique about Meghan’s and Harry’s form of depravity. They want all the benefits of the thing they despise. They hate royalty. But they capitalize on that royalty every chance they get. They use the very thing they condemn — their status as royal figures — to obliterate any value in the whole enterprise of royalty in the first place. They’re basically telling the world: “We are fugitives from the royal family, because the royal family is evil. And because of our royal heritage, you should support us.” They want the benefits without any of the costs; that puts them in a position to have millions and millions of people — inside and outside of Britain — sympathize with them.

Predictably, they are leftists. Leftism is all about benefits without accountability. That’s the deeper meaning of socialism. And of course they’re rabid environmentalists. Predictably, they want the world to shut down its power while they — as continued elites — will get the benefits of fossil fuels as the rest of us suffer. They want capitalism to end and to be replaced with Communism — knowing full well that the taxation of fellow elites (in or out of Britain) will continue to support them in the manner to which they have become accustomed … and to which they feel more than royally entitled.

Harry also stands out as the picture of emasculation. For his entire young adulthood, he was known as the independent, self-assured, masculine war hero and occasional “bad boy”. Now he’s led around, metaphorically and almost literally, on a leash by a wife he appears to love. My, the self-loathing that must have given rise to a love of that kind!

Will they divorce? Of course they will, eventually. It’s not a question of if; but when. Most celebrities divorce. Parasites necessarily MUST divorce because they feed off the value of others while providing nothing to offer in return. In short, they will drive each other crazy. My best guess is that Harry once possessed some kind of core value, but Meghan is really the soulless hollowed-out piece of nothingness she appears to be.

Regardless, these two twits will always share in common the quest of getting something-for-nothing. It’s a cause that much of the world can relate to, as the entire planet’s pathetic descent into world socialism demonstrates all too tragically well.



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