To a Tyrant, Lockdowns ARE Effective

“Biden is a lockdowner. His advisers are lockdowners. Lockdowns don’t work. We have demonstrated that. We’re not turning back, Maria. And they will not be able to get away with targeting Florida.””

— Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on Occupier Biden’s threat to stop people from traveling across state lines, including into Florida.

I admire DeSantis’ words and spirit. But the tyrants in D.C. are going to do whatever the hell they feel like. They are lawless savages in suits. Watch and see. Biden will use the U.S. military to arrest citizens who disobey his decrees. After what this leftist cabal has already gotten away with, this will be a piece of cake to them. At least so long as they can get soldiers and police officers on board.

Lockdowns DO work, from a dictator’s point of view. They keep us obedient, masked, compliant and subservient.


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