Impeachment & The Warning to Future Dissidents in America

Donald Trump’s second impeachment acquittal isn’t really something to cheer. If you study dictatorships, the whole fiasco was simply a twenty-first century version of the guillotine. Conviction never mattered, because with impeachment “conviction” means removing a President from office. THE FASCISTS ALREADY REMOVED HIM FROM OFFICE. And they knew it. Defeating Trump wasn’t enough. They must crush ALL dissension.

The whole symbolic circus was a way for our occupiers to put dissidents on notice: “We are going to do whatever the hell we want to you, and you can’t stop it.” Stop the denial, patriots. We are in serious trouble here, as the continued inability of the former President to communicate with his tens of millions of supporters shows. This isn’t politics anymore. This is literal tyranny. Face the fact the bad guys are currently WINNING. Everything. Stop fantasizing that Trump will be enough to save us. He can’t even speak, not even in an “underground” because the bad guys control everything from Internet connectivity to the financial system. At some point, the millions who oppose this leftist occupation will simply have to quit working, quit cooperating and quit complying with everything. Nobody is coming to rescue us: We must rescue ourselves.



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