In Mitch McConnell’s Head, The Band Plays On

An MSN headline reads: “McConnell’s next chapter: Guiding the post-Trump GOP”. The leftist media is clueless. The vast majority of people who support McConnell’s Republican Party DO NOT WANT MCCONNELL. He is part of The Swamp. He, and others like him, are the reason Donald Trump won the Republican nomination and the presidency in the first place. Trump was ousted from office, partly because of fraud and partly because of expedient abandonment by corrupt, detestable individuals like McConnell who stand for absolutely nothing, who seem never to go away and who remain as clueless as ever about what’s happening in America.

I can’t imagine how someone would care about a rotten career politician like Mitch McConnell and, at the same time, have any problem with the occupation of Democrats who have overtaken the former American republic. McConnell is on the sinking Titanic, a murder-suicide against liberty that the insane and overtly evil Democrats are ensuring, while McConnell is saying, “OK, let’s get back to our voyage.” It’s not simply maddening; it’s sheer madness. I have worked in psychiatric hospitals as a mental health professional. I have literally had conversations with schizophrenics in psychosis. NOTHING I ever encountered matches the absurd, darkly hilarious insanity, of what’s happening in our Imperial City. If these are the people now in charge, we are in much greater trouble than most of us yet realize.

In the capital of the former American republic, evil and depravity reign supreme. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC, “The Squad” — these almost inhuman ghouls are now determining the post-freedom reality for millions of people if not billions, since the fate of planet Earth has always depended on the fate of freedom in America, since it was founded.

In the seat of power of the once meaningful and now utterly hollow Republican Party, the band plays on … inside Mitch McConnell’s head.



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