How the Leftists/Democrats Won EVERYTHING

You have to hand it to Democrats and leftists: They play the long game. And, even though they’re wrong about so much, they ultimately won it.

Back in the 1980s, they had lost politically. Reagan and the Republicans in Congress ushered in a new era of relative capitalism and a resurgence in the Bill of Rights. Even in the 1990s, Democrat Bill Clinton was forced to partially phase out welfare and reduce capital gains taxes. Imagine even a Republican pulling that off today.

But, starting in the wilderness of the 1980s, leftists intensified their hold on college campuses. Eventually their influence spread from campus to the society. “Political correctness” became a THING in the 1990s. Most laughed it off and dismissed it as the idiocy of a few moronic Marxist, totalitarian college professors. Then we got Obama. Then we got Trump — but it was in the Trump years that it became clear the left had totally overtaken everything. Not just academia and the “Deep State” of government that Trump himself could not defeat, but the entire corporate world.

In 2020, it became crystal clear that it didn’t really matter who was President. If you control the culture, you control the people, even if your views are (1) wrong and (2) part of an elite minority. They want a pandemic? We get a pandemic. They want lockdowns? We get lockdowns — permanent ones, at that. They want Biden as President, an absurdity given his devoid-of-energy campaign? We get Biden as President. What’s that — you question the legality of the election? It’s off to Facebook and Twitter prison with you. And, once the Biden regime is installed, REAL prison. (Yes, that’s coming. For Trump and his family, unless they have really good lawyers; and for many others.)

The lesson here? Culture matters. And the long game matters. It’s ironic. Democrats espouse an ideology — socialism — that destroys independence, individual rights, reason, common sense, long-range thinking and personal responsibility. Yet they practiced these virtues to turn our culture and government into what it has become: a horrific hybrid of fascism, Communism and rancid leftism that most people don’t want. But we’re getting it, like it or not.


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