Wake Up, Patriots. President Trump is Gone.

TRUTH TIME: Sorry to say it, but millions of Americans are weak. Countries filled with strong people don’t have demented criminals as their rulers. Healthy, strong people don’t have rulers, period. They rule their own lives. Tyranny and sociopathy abhor a vacuum. For generations, Americans did not have a dictatorship. Now, we do. I understand about election fraud. But a strong people wouldn’t have let election fraud happen. Americans of the 1770s and the 1940s would have engaged in a massive rebellion, a massive shutdown of civilization, before letting such a thing happen. A strong society would not be littered with millions who cheer on the fraud, the censorship and all the things yet to come in our now unaccountable, election-free one-party “government”.

We can only claim to be victims so much. Yes, good and decent people have been victimized by many things. Our list of grievances is legitimate and long. But playing the victim card is not what good and decent people do well. That’s what losers do — people like those who set businesses and city streets on fire, people life Antifa, BLM and all the other snowflake thugs who get away with everything. We have tried to be victims (even though we are), and see where it got us.

At some point, you must be strong. How strong? Much stronger than most of us have been. Standing firm for President Trump is no longer relevant. President Trump is gone. While in office, he succeeded in doing a great deal. But it’s all being reversed as we speak. Taxes will go up, gun rights will be throttled and free speech is already a thing of the past, thanks to the government alliance between “private” fascist companies and the government itself. Clearly, the problem is deeper than government, a government that was already corrupted before the courageous Donald Trump opted to take it on.

We have to heal ourselves. Frankly, I don’t view people who support leftists as “heal-able”. We, the decent, will have to heal ourselves and find another way that’s not political, although it will eventually become political. It starts and ends with courage. We must find the courage to take on the idiots who inhabit our society. The idiots who are censoring, closing down pipelines, bankrupting our economy and destroying the middle class are very frightened people. The only thing that gives them a sense of strength is that nobody disagrees with them. They get their notion of reality from a false belief that, “If I have power, and if nobody disagrees with me, I must be right.” They get their sense of “objective truth” from one-sided social media, cocktail parties and echo chambers filled with like-minded, equally idiotic and wrong people. We have to find the courage to openly state our dislike of, and disrespect, for everything they do, and everything they believe in. If 75 million of us do it — if even a third of that number do that — believe me, IT WILL DRIVE THEM CRAZY. And crazy people will find it hard to function and move on to do all the destructive things they wish to do.

Too many of us are weak. We haven’t found the courage to openly question mask mandates, unlimited government shutdowns, selective enforcement of laws in favor of leftist rioters and against people who wish to operate their small businesses in peace. We have to become MEAN. We have to stand up to bullies and call them what they are. We have to stop saying or thinking, “I can’t anger the leftists. I will lose business.” You’re not going to merely lose business if the leftists get their way; you’re going to lose everything. They came for Donald Trump, and they are not through with him or his family yet. We are in a dictatorship, and it’s going to get more obvious by the day. Our ability to speak freely will diminish to zero. I see the cycle. They will provoke, provoke and provoke — and when we lash out, and fight back, they will call us “terrorists” and turn everything against us.

Strength is rooted in two things: Independent thought, and the willingness to be open about it. Not just online, but anywhere. Stop being afraid. Millions and millions of us are furious, with good reason. And we’re letting the snowflakes, the anarchists, the sociopathic “do gooders” who are actually capable of murder, of placing any of us in a gulag or a concentration camp, intimidate and threaten us. That has to stop.

Bullies and tyrants smell fear. They are terrified of moral courage. They welcome the silence of censorship, because in their psychopathology they must preserve the illusion that they are the majority. They got that by their coup against Donald Trump. They cannot stand dissension. It raises their anxiety to absolutely intolerable levels, which is why we saw such unprecedented irrationality during the Trump years. Dissension, dissension, dissension: THAT’S the way to defeat them. I’m not saying it’s enough, by itself. But I am saying that without moral courage, NOTHING else on earth is going to work.



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