Will COVID Phobics EVER Feel “Safe” Again? If So, When?

People back themselves into a corner when it comes to COVID.

It started out as: “I’ll feel safe when there’s a vaccine.”

Then it went to: “Well, it can’t be a Trump vaccine. But a REAL vaccine will make me safe.”

We now have a vaccine. It’s technically a “Trump” vaccine, because it was engineered under Trump’s watch. But that’s forgotten. To the extent that it’s a “good” vaccine, it’s now a “Biden” vaccine. But … the vaccine still isn’t enough.

“Well, I can’t get the vaccine quickly. That’s Trump’s fault. But I can’t be sure it will help even once I get it. We will need time to make sure that it works.”

How much time, you might ask.

“Well…I don’t know.”

It’s looking like it’s going to be YEARS before people who are afraid to leave their houses because of an occasionally complicated flu will ever be comfortable leaving their homes, eating in a restaurant, going anywhere without a mask, or seeing their grandchildren again.

We can only blame so much on the tyrants. Tyrants feed off the anxiety and helplessness of others. We can only blame the media so much, because there are (at least at the moment) alternative forms of media, or you can simply turn the media off.

At some point, we have to blame it on a lack of critical thinking, a huge reliance on group-think (“What’s everyone else doing?”), and sheer weakness.

The America we know today would NEVER, EVER have fought and won the American Revolution; fought and won the war to end slavery; or fought and won World War II. The Great Depression would have ended us too. We’re on the brink of a civil war and ousted a successful President (illegally, no doubt) because of the FLU.

This is not good. We have to remember that irrational thinking breeds bad politicians and other bad cultural trends. Real people, as individuals, must develop better minds. Until or unless that happens, you can forget better government.


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