Censorship Isn’t Funny; But Censors ARE

Censorship isn’t funny. But censors ARE. Think about the mentality of a person who wants censorship. It’s absurd.

“Let’s get Donald Trump off Twitter. When he’s gone, he can’t incite violence and hatred anymore.”

Donald Trump doesn’t incite hatred or violence, of course. He celebrates freedom and decries socialism. But that’s not the point. The point is: Censors think people’s minds will change when they no longer have the ability to speak.

Censors ignore that Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh and anyone with a strong point-of-view exists because THEY SAY THINGS THAT MANY PEOPLE AGREE WITH, AND LIKE TO HEAR.

Censors reverse cause-and-effect. They think Donald Trump supporters exist because Donald Trump exists. It’s the other way around. Donald Trump exists because there are people who agree with him, and they’re constantly looking for a voice.

Censors tend to only talk to one another. It makes them gullible and naive. It leads them to think that if you can just obliterate something from their minds, it will go away. Kind of like a three-year-old, when you play “peek-a-boo.” The censor, like the three-year-old, thinks you disappear when you stop talking, and when the censor covers his eyes.

If censorship worked, there never would have been an Age of Reason and Enlightment, which followed the repressed Middle Ages. Without an Age of Reason and Enlightment, there would have been no resurgence of Aristotle, no John Locke and therefore no Thomas Jefferson or James Madison to create a civilization and a republic based on rights, for a time.

Censorship fails as badly as socialism fails. The fools who think ideas can be WISHED into or out of existence are the same fools who think that prosperity, wealth and technology can be WISHED into existence.

Shutting up Donald Trump will not change the minds of people who like what he says. Neither would impeaching him 50 times, jailing him or killing him. All of these things just make 75 million people like him more.

Donald Trump was saying things that for years, millions of Americans wished a presidential candidate or President would say — and mean. That desire — whatever you think of it — cannot disappear merely because you stifle their leader. If anything, the desire will grow stronger.

Look how intense the feelings of Donald Trump opponents grew during the Trump years. Those feelings culminated in months-long rioting by people, like Black Lives Matter, who shared their views, and whom the police were not permitted to arrest when they burned down businesses, homes and police stations. Donald Trump did not censor them, but they felt censored merely by his existence. And look how angry they became. What makes them think it won’t happen in reverse?

When you repress the ideas, views and feelings of people, those ideas, views and feelings do not go away. They intensify.

Censors are playing with fire. It’s not funny. But the way they smugly congratulate themselves and each other for what they’re doing … well, that’s quite hilarious.



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