Elections? There is No Next Time

I honestly see little point in further discussing or analyzing issues related to elections. What do elections matter if they can be rigged without consequences–or without investigation or even acknowledgement–by courts or media? It would have been more honest for the government simply to declare, openly, the installation of a one-party dictatorship. If you engage in the pretense that a future election in 2022 or 2024 might lead to a different outcome than what we witnessed in 2020 and 2021 (the absurdly dishonest Georgia runoffs), you’re unintentionally helping with the charade our dictators want.

Freedom-loving people are looking for a way out of this mess. It’s kind of like trying to unsink the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. This mess is the long culmination of many, many errors and evasions on the part of generations of Americans. Mistaken ideas, going back as far as the birth of the income tax, the establishment of “states of emergency”, the creation of Social Security, and the creation of Medicare — these and many other errors got us here. Government grew bigger and bigger, and the unchallenged assumption on the part of most Americans today that government is the first and only solution to every problem, got us here. Now things are so bad that half the country is no longer as free to speak as the other half; and half the country is now officially disenfranchised. We were warned by America’s founders, and we have been warned by libertarians who followed them. Too few listened.

It’s not “giving up” to acknowledge the hard truth: the American republic is finished. The ideals that gave birth to our late republic are the right ones, and they are timeless. Those ideals energized human life for two centuries in a way that nobody will ever be able to ignore. But for the most part, sadly, a majority of today’s Americans are not a wise or good people. If they were, they would find the election fraud and the censorship of opposing viewpoints intolerable. Instead, they cheer on the coming disaster without a shred of concern for the obliteration of rights for half their countrymen. Lost in all the screaming over the personality of Donald Trump is the horrifying, largely evaded truth: WE are the generation that lost the Bill of Rights. For this to happen, most of us must not be good people.

The truth is not pretty. But let’s face it, rather than engaging in the delusion that it’s anything like 1776. There is no magical fix. With elections gone and freedom of speech waning by the hour, we will all be going underground, gradually. Our main obligation is to NOT help these tyrants, and to RESIST them as much as we’re able and willing to do. Make them as miserable and afraid as you can. Remember: We’re talking about an underground of 75 million people, and that number may grow. It’s not over, because the quest for freedom and liberty is never over. But the American republic as we knew it–that free country, sadly, has passed. Grieve, but focus on making new beginnings in your own personal lives, and contributing to a future where perhaps freedom will once again be welcome. Our present government is rancid and corrupt beyond repair, as Donald Trump’s heroic attempt to take it on showed us. If there’s any silver lining here, it’s in the opportunity we now have to release ourselves from our delusions, and put our brains, virtue and motivation to work in figuring out how to start over.




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