Democratic Irrationality

Some social media posts of mine from the last day:

Wow. Massive police protection in D.C. January 20. What happened to Defund the Police??


I guess if all I had to offer America was the despair & tyranny of Communism, I would impeach Trump forever too.


“Vaccine passports” and “immunity certificates” are coming soon to the U.K. and other European countries, according to Breitbart News and other news sources. How’s that for Orwellian terminology? Now that elections are irrelevant and discussion is censored on the Internet, do you think these policies will come to the U.S. as well? If so, and if you don’t agree with these policies, how do you plan to cope with them and resist? Grocery stores and banks in the U.K. are threatening to close bank accounts and forbid store entrance without full compliance. Compliance includes not just wearing masks, but refraining from support of political movements deemed “dangerous” by authorities. So how will you cope, and go underground? Don’t reply here, unless you want to. Most actions and, increasingly, many words are now illegal, thanks to fascist corporations working hand-in-hand with government to enforce “woke”, radical leftist positions. One thing that will never be against the law: THINKING. You may not have much else, but your thoughts will always belong to yourself.



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