Unhinged Leftists Unleashed

What this ridiculous impeachment accomplishes: Intensified hatred and lack of respect for the legitimacy of ANY Democrat by ANY Trump supporter … ever again. I mean loathing like nothing seen in this country since 1861. You can FORGET any sense of unity, ever again. It also accomplishes: A sense of righteous self-satisfaction for hard-left Democrats. Gee, you’d almost think the Democrats weren’t secure in the legitimacy of Biden’s election. If they were, they would have moved on by now. But that’s how it is with irrational people. They never, ever get enough. Censoring President Trump and conservative voices everywhere … you’d think that would be enough. But nothing is enough. And nothing ever will be. Their rage is so deep-seated, and so beyond a derangement about President Trump. THIS is why I maintain that today’s leftists are at least as bad as their National Socialist counterparts who took over Germany in the 1930s. I don’t know that there has ever been hatred on this scale. Not just directed at Trump; but directed at all things related to freedom. Arm yourselves, psychologically and literally. These people are unhinged.

More evidence:

AOC and other leftists in Congress are demanding a commission on “media literacy”.

Dave Rubin, of the classically liberal “Rubin Report”, came up with the right response:
“When [Ocasio-Cortez] says disinformation or misinformation, she means really anything that goes against progressive leftist dogma.” Rubin said Ocasio-Cortez’s rhetoric is consistent with the “totalitarian authoritarian ideology” that the left continues to push.

The left “is trying to crush dissent,” Rubin said. “When you mix the Big Tech portion of this, where they are going to censor the rest of us anyway, as it has become incredibly obvious over the last few days, well now you have politicians saying ‘let’s get rid of misinformation.’ Instead of the government having to do it they can do it through Big Tech, so it doesn’t seem like a full-on assault on the First Amendment, which is about the government going after speech.”



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