Will Lockdowns Stop Under a Biden Regime?

Some are saying that with the Biden regime in the White House, the lockdowns and COVID hysteria will stop. I don’t think that will necessarily happen. Authoritarian personalities don’t like to relinquish power. Also, practically speaking, it would send a message that, “When we take rights away, we’ll eventually give them back.” To an authoritarian, that’s weakness. They might give some control back to individuals — but only conditionally, and only if it suits their whims of the moment, along with their desire to acquire power in other areas. If COVID hysteria does wane — and that will be up to our state-sanctioned media to determine — then the people to watch will be the climate change radicals. In Europe, they are already gaining ground with the claim that, “We need lockdowns to fight climate change.” Think about it. These lockdowns not only give them power, but give them the power to shut down civilization, which is what the environmentalist movement, at its core, aims to do. And with the Biden/Harris/Democrat/cabal/regime now taking over the former American republic having such close ties with Communist China, it’s to China’s benefit for other countries to stay locked down while they can pull ahead economically … and militarily. All in all, these are glorious times for despots, dictators and tyrants. Not so much for the rest of us.



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