It CAN Happen Here, and it HAS

The fact that two runoff elections in Georgia are ALL THAT STAND between a totalitarian leftist takeover of America and a floundering republic shows just how ignorant and evasive millions of Americans have become. They have no clue that lockdowns, trillions in spending the government will never have and “free” goods and services are characteristic of impoverished and starving countries, not America. My, how they will scream when the hyperinflation starts and our money becomes worthless.

We should not be in a position where our only hope is that fraud-riddled Georgia will eke out a victory for Republicans who will–in the end, we all know it–betray everything they claim to run on, even if they manage to win. We have to stop looking to elections to save us, and, going forward, look to more radical solutions such as civil disobedience, going rogue and even secession. Individual rights come first, and I have no hope whatsoever in the Republican Party ever being relevant in the fight against a left-wing dictatorship that has already descended (via COVID fascism) over much of America.

Government and media terrify us over a flu outbreak, shut down the economy indefinitely, & spend trillions upon trillions of nonexistent money, much of it on ridiculous pet projects outside of the U.S. that have nothing whatsoever to do with the economic activity we used to have. And, at the end of it all, they have the nerve to call it COVID relief. RELIEF, they call it. This is abuse on a spectacularly evil and unprecedented scale.




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