“The Land of the Free” No More

America is the “land of the free”? What a sick joke. Most of us are living under “emergency orders”. What is an “emergency”? An emergency refers to a TEMPORARY, brief state. An emergency is outside of the norm, i.e., the rarity, the unfortunate, the painful but brief. We have been living under “emergency” orders for going on a year now. And they’re even telling us the worst is yet to come, and we can expect at least many more months of even worse restrictions to come. For details, look at Britain, our Mother Country where it’s now proposed to restrict the contact among family members WITHIN A HOUSEHOLD. Neither the Nazis nor Orwell ever dreamed of totalitarianism on this scale.

The tyrants don’t believe in their own vaccine, something they WILL impose on us without any liability whatsoever for the vaccine-makers; yet they will also continue to impose controls as if the vaccine doesn’t even exist. The “stimulus” debate over whether we get $600 or $2000 is a metaphor for how it will be once nobody has any income or money, except for the elite. For details, check out Venezuela or North Korea.

Anyone who actually believes these “emergency” orders won’t continue indefinitely if not permanently into the future, under some other rationalization when the media tires of the COVID hysteria — well, anyone who actually believes that will gladly do the 21st century equivalent of hopping on the cattle cars and going to the concentration camps, once the Governor’s directives arrive. You think I’m exaggerating. Have you learned nothing from 2020? And under a one-party (Communist Socialist Democratic) rule with no possibility of losing power in any future sham elections, you can be sure something along those lines will be coming. Going forward, it will either be fight, or die.



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