End Your Life, To Save Your Life: The Insanity of COVID Fascism

Stop socializing…to save your life.

Stop traveling….to save your life.

Stop going to bars or restaurants…to save your life.

Stop going to ball games and musical concerts…to save your life.

Stop going to church services, AA meetings, business parties, counseling sessions…to save your life.

Stop seeing loved ones on birthdays or holidays…to save your life.

Stop going to your health club, or even to your doctor….to save your life.

Stop going to school, or college…to save your life.

Stop dating, stop having sex, stop holding hands, stop shaking hands, stop hugging, stop kissing, stop your friendships, & even stop interacting with others in your own household (now proposed in Britain)…to save your life.

In short: STOP LIVING, AND STOP EXISTING, indefinitely, or even forever…to save your life.

Makes a whole lot of sense, doesn’t it, you sheep?



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