Inner Weakness: The Preexisting Condition for Slavery

Keep in mind: Fascism always has TWO parts. One part: The controllers; the tyrants and people who execute the control. Whether it’s permanent COVID lockdowns or concentration camps, there will always be tyrants ready and eager to control others. The second part of fascism? The people willing and needing to be controlled. The media stokes this willingness; but it does not create it. The blunt, undeniable truth: People (especially a formerly free people) cannot be controlled unless they are weak. Tyrants and dishonest propagandists exploit this weakness. But weakness must exist for the exploitation to occur.

Inner weakness is the preexisting condition for slavery.

At a certain point, which is approaching in America, it will be easier simply to claim that we were all victims of this tyrannical government that took hold in 2020. But any objective observer in the future will have to understand: In America, the freest country in the history of humanity, no tyranny could have happened unless it was welcomed and embraced by a people now too weak to stand up for freedom. Most of us — the majority, at least — have done this to ourselves. And, vaccine or not, most of us seem hellbent on continuing to do it.



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