John Roberts: A Sickening Disgrace

According to some reports, Chief Justice John Roberts won’t consider the evidence of election fraud because he fears there will be more riots. Now think about this a moment. Imagine if the founders of America’s republic had said, “We can’t declare independence from the British monarchy. We can’t uphold the rights of man. It might cause riots.” Earth to cowardly RINO John Roberts: We are already at war. The country is deeply divided, more so than at any time since the (first) Civil War.

Sadly, we can’t do anything about that. What we CAN still do is uphold the Constitution. The Constitution called for an honest election. If riots result from your choice (and obligation) to look into the evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, then that’s on the rioters — not on the victims of the fraud. We have something called police. We have something called a military. Those individuals exist to uphold rights, in a free country. If rioters burn down private property and threaten the lives of innocent people, they should be arrested and prosecuted. YOU DON’T REFUSE TO TAKE A CASE BECAUSE YOU’RE AFRAID CRIMINALS WILL ACT LIKE CRIMINALS, OR TYRANTS WILL ACT LIKE TYRANTS.

John Roberts, you are a sickening disgrace. If you had done your job and led the way, the three disappointing, wimpy, possibly blackmailed or threatened Trump appointees might have followed. We’ll never know. So now everything appears to hinge on January 6, and Vice President Pence’s willingness and ability to refuse to accept the Biden electors in states where evidence of electoral fraud is overwhelming. If this doesn’t happen, our republic is going down. From there, believe me: It will be every man for himself.



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