Leftists Playing a DANGEROUS Game With Our Liberty

If lockdowns are not ending, what’s the point of a vaccine?

Interesting. The vaccine will save us all, we’re told. (By the way, it’s Biden’s vaccine; Trump had nothing to do with it.) Yet we must triple down on lockdowns — into February, even beyond. No outdoor dining. No hair salons. Only for politicians. Clearly, vaccine or not, lockdowns are here to stay. I think it’s the Green New Deal — brought about by the excuse of the virus.

Leftists are playing a dangerous game. They’re telling dissidents to “shut up”. They’re shutting down our small businesses. They’re forbidding us from going to church, from traveling, dining out, or from going anywhere without a mask. They WILL force us to be vaccinated and to carry identity cards. They’re shutting down our government schools (good riddance), while still making us pay for them. They’re promising to take our guns away, come January 21. Free speech is mostly gone, and they will finish the job soon. Taxes will go up and retirement accounts could be seized and nationalized, like in a banana republic. Non-rigged elections are a thing of the past. Even nominal two-party government is over. Leftists are leaving nonleftists with NOTHING TO LOSE. Sooner or later, this will come back to bite them — hopefully, in the form of a major revolt. Not all of us will remain submissive and quiet forever.



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