America Needs a Second War for Independence

The first American Revolution was a war for independence against the tyrannical British monarchy. We now need a second war for independence — against a totalitarian, tyrannical cabal actually WORSE than the British monarchy ever dreamed of being. Nobody rational wants a war. Perhaps President Trump will, in the 30 days we have left, figure out a solution that avoids such a thing. But rational people who love their freedom cannot submit to an unaccountable, criminal, treasonous dictatorship, which — I promise you — we will get on our present course. Kamala Harris, even pretending to uphold the Bill of Rights? That’s a sick joke. Joe Biden is nothing more than a walking, coughing, brain-depleted corpse, but he’s more of a dictator than you may think. So rationally speaking, what are our choices? Waiting for the next election is no answer.

That ship has sailed.

The Republican Party, aside from a few authentic patriots, is morally no better than the Communist Democratic Party. The cowardly Republicans care NOTHING for our freedoms, including the newly appointed members of the Supreme Court, tragically. And even with a Donald Trump rerun candidacy in 2024, it wouldn’t matter. The fix is in: Permanently, after getting away with this fraud, Democrats now have the same lock on power as a dictatorship. Watch and see what happens in Georgia’s runoff elections. That horrible woman working for the Democrats in that state has all but said, gleefully, “Ha ha! The fix is in and you can’t do anything to stop it.” By all means, if you live in Georgia, go out and vote, I suppose. But I am not optimistic. So patriotic, freedom loving people will have to face their choices, at some point. It’s happening NOW, in your lifetime, not at some distant future point. Lovers of freedom — conservatives, libertarians, Objectivists, patriots, whatever you call yourself — must stop waiting for some unnamed savior. Nobody is coming to rescue us. We must save ourselves.



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