Democrats With ZERO Accountability and UNLIMITED Power? Be Afraid.

According to Breitbart News, this woman used her power in California to charge a journalist with multiple felonies. His crime? Exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal practices. Kamala Harris is a tyrant and a dictator. If Joe Biden can hang on for just one term, and get reelected in 2024 (a given, since elections no longer matter), then she could serve 3 full terms as President, because she’d be permitted to run in 2028 and 2032.. Keep in mind that Congress will be fully Democratic all this time, thanks to elections no longer mattering. And the Supreme Court will be stacked — not that it matters, because the existing Supreme Court (including all 3 Trump appointments) has already shown they’re all in for Biden and the leftist criminals. Given all of this (and much more), does secession still sound like it’s absurdly radical to you? Democrats and leftists are bad. Democrats and leftists WITH PERMANENT CONTROL AND ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY will make Stalin and Hitler look like nothing.




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