RINO Virus

I have heard RINO types say, “We survived 8 years of Obama. We can survive 4 of Biden.” Good grief. How many faulty assumptions can you fit into one sentence? The Democratic Party is now hard Communist. AND fascist. Hitler and Stalin, rolled into one horrific 21st century hybrid. Obama needed a pretense of moderation. Biden, on the other hand, ran on Marx’s platform–and won, via fraud. It’s a far left takeover.

Elections no longer matter. The Supreme Court has given its nod and wink to future fraud. There will be no Donald Trump comeback in 2024. There is now one Party. The RINOs are so clueless–as clueless as Fox News. Some of it is sick, sad denial. Even as they’re fed to Kamala Harris’ wolves and the wolves swallow them, they’ll be whistling a tune and dreaming of President Romney in 2025.

In these times, even an atheist is forced to say: God help us all. Or: Secession, here we come.



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