The Psychology Behind America’s Tragic Downfall

Unhealthy, neurotic people “need” a crisis. Because they’re irrational and neurotic, they can’t stand happiness. Their subconscious generates a disaster for them, something for them to manage so they can feel self-sacrificial and heroic. They find no heroism in happiness, authentic progress, or achievement. In a sick way, they need disaster. It typically follows a period of unprecedented prosperity or happiness, for which they feel guilty. In 30 years as a therapist I have seen this again, and again and again. Ask any therapist, and they will tell you the same. People succeed, and then they suddenly self-destruct. They find true love, something they never thought possible, and they blow it — with betrayal, or by pushing their loved ones away with just plain nastiness.

As I see it, that’s what happened in America. The people in charge and the millions who support their efforts to literally destroy all we had — through legalized rioting, ridiculously heavy-handed and unprecedented lockdowns out of proportion to a virus, etc. — had to destroy what we had. It was going too well. It’s way deeper than Trump. Trump was the one who helped bring about our success: roaring prosperity, defeat of ISIS, peace in the Middle East, record employment for minorities, the end of dependence on oil, etc. We still had serious problems. But things were getting so much better, and looked more hopeful than at any point since the 80s. And then … BAM! The bad guys destroyed it. And millions of us LET them destroy it. Many of us openly encouraged and voted for it. Because we couldn’t stand the happiness.

This is my own definition of sin. Because TRUE virtue consists of achieving your happiness and feeling good about it. In the process, the world is a better place. Instead, by destroying what we had so we can virtue-signal, sacrifice, wear masks, and claim, “Look how selfless I am” … well, there’s no virtue in that. THERE IS NO VIRTUE IN SUFFERING. You think there is? Look at the world you have created for yourselves, your children and grandchildren. You ruined everything. For absolutely no reason. Generations of Americans built, over time, the greatest and most prosperous civilization in human history. And today’s generation blew it — while patting themselves on the back for being “good people.” If you support or endorse this in any way, YOU ARE SICK.



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