Notes from America’s Continuing Crisis

The following are my social media posts of the last 1-2 days:

The state of Delaware (my state) is reporting that today’s COVID numbers involve a significant reduction in cases. However, they are quick to add that Monday’s numbers WILL be much higher, as they’re using a new method of computation. THEY ARE ACTUALLY SAYING THIS. Doesn’t this smack of election night? “Oh, those numbers for Biden in Michigan and Georgia are awfully low. Give us a few hours and we’ll get them up for you.” We live in truly awful, obscene times.


The State will require you to do things it has no right to make you do–like mandatory vaccines, pretending allegiance to the approved authorities, turning in your guns. It’s virtuous to lie to government officials when they’re denying you your basic individual rights. We are in the beginning stages of the kind of regimes described in novels like 1984, It Can’t Happen Here, Atlas Shrugged, etc. On our current course, it’s going to worsen.


(Response to a headline that “Democrat Gov. of Rhode Island Goes Out to ‘Wine & Paint’ Dinner After Telling Everyone to Stay Home”) More than anything, I hope to live to see the day when these abhorrent tyrants get everything they deserve. The American and French Revolutions were sparked by less than this. Where is your anger and rage, fellow patriots?


Which is worse: An open dictatorship? Or a dictatorship masquerading as the United States of America? Stop thinking there’s an America. If these people get away with it, as they have thus far, you are living in a country where your vote is a waste of time. You will answer to your government, rather than your government answering to you. They will never leave power. Honestly, we are already there.


Gavin Newsom deserves WAY worse than a recall. He should be arrested, tried and convicted as a war criminal. So should most of our nation’s governors and mayors. Imagine their fate at the hands of America’s colonists, or even a generation or two ago. What the hell happened to us?



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