Biden the Ridiculous

Biden is in such a ridiculous position. He tells RINOs that he’ll be a “moderate” – in other words, unprincipled, like they are. He tells hardcore AOC types in his party that he’ll enact their radical agenda – arbitrary executive orders, defunding police, totalitarian lockdowns, unlimited taxes, socialized medicine, and all. It’s ridiculous because HE, Biden, doesn’t matter. He didn’t orchestrate the fraudulent election. He condoned and approved it, but even pre-dementia he never had those brains. Others did – social media moguls like Zuckerberg, George Soros, Bill Gates, the DNC, and more vibrant, far-left members of his own party, including his own VP.

It doesn’t really matter what he thinks. Yet, as things stand now anyway, he will be in charge. Kind of like the Queen is in charge of Great Britain, only with less mental acuity. It’s ridiculous.



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