One Way or Another, Vaccinations WILL Be Mandatory

Prediction: Vaccinations will be mandatory. It may be done indirectly, and subject to enforcement by health clubs, restaurants, grocery stores or even big corporations like banks, mortgage-holders and credit card companies. They will say it’s not mandatory, but it will be, unless you stay confined to your house 24/7 — and some will even advocate for authorities showing up at your door. The Supreme Court could strike it all down, theoretically; but it will take months or years for the case to get there. There’s no doubt the leftist justices and John Roberts (now a leftist) will back it up; and we have no guarantees on conservatives not going wobbly (aside from Justices Thomas and Alito). And, of course, if Biden establishes a regime and the U.S. Senate is stolen for Democrats after anticipated fraud in Georgia Senate runoffs, then the Supreme Court will be stacked with leftists forever, and will no longer be relevant as a check on the tyranny of our government. A sad scenario, but 100 percent of our experience in 2020 suggests it will happen.

A reader wrote me: “Personally, I see a big difference between a private company requiring proof of vaccination versus the state mandating. To be clear, no mandates put on private companies to require proof – that is just an indirect state mandate i.e. fascism.”

My reply: The “private” companies will be required to enforce vaccination proof just as they are now required to enforce masks and distance. There are no private companies any longer.




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