America on the Precipice

Three HUGE questions right now:

1) Will the Supreme Court invalidate the provably illegal election results from states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan — where their own constitutions, as well as the U.S. Constitution, were violated, e.g., changing election laws without the approval of the state legislatures?

2) If Biden successfully seizes the White House, will Trump supporters and other dissenters finally start to show their anger, rage, justified resistance and defiance against the most brazen tyranny in America since the years leading up to 1776 — and, if so, how?

3) If scenario # 2 happens, will Biden’s regime respond as all dictators throughout history have done, with coercion, intimidation, imprisonment, evasion of rule of law, and murder? Or will there be a civil war? Or both?

It seems surreal and bizarre to be asking these questions. But there is an actual, objective basis for asking them. It’s where we are, for real. Get your heads out of the sand, because regardless of what Trump or anyone else does, it’s not going to get easier any time soon.



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