Yet Again, Conservatives Engineer Their Own Demise

The Supreme Court conservatives who voted against the Texas case are thought to have concerns that “if we establish the precedent of challenging election results, the Democrats will do this to us someday.” That’s hilarious. WHAT FUTURE DO ELECTIONS NOW HAVE? This ass-backwards thinking is why conservatives and Republicans ultimately engineered their own demise.

If the Democrats get away with this presidential election fraud, they will almost certainly get away with fraud in the Georgia Senate runoff, too. They will own the entire government. They will own future elections, whose outcome they will control, with fraud when necessary. They have promised to add members to the Supreme Court so there will be a permanent left-wing majority. These conservatives who thought they were saving the Constitution will be impotent, along with the people who voted for the man, Trump, who appointed them. It’s hard to believe idiocy of this magnitude has reached the highest court in the land. But it has.



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