The Post-American Republic: Where Elections No Longer Matter

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams announced Monday that “more than 750,000 Georgians have requested their ballots” for the Senate runoff election taking place on January 5.

“More than 750,000 Georgians have requested their ballots for the January 5 runoff elections,” Abrams wrote. “Have you? Request yours today and let’s get it done… again.”

Once again, the fix is in. The fix was always mail-in ballots. It’s the most ingenious evil since 9/11. If we lose the Trump presidency AND the U.S. Senate because of mail-in cheating, then it’s either dictatorship or civil war as Democrats take over. Or a civil breakup. I will not surrender my individual rights to a regime run by criminals, and I have a feeling that millions and millions of disenfranchised Americans agree.

More evidence: Politico conducted its 2020 Voter Priorities Survey and results show that a vast majority of Trump voters believe the election results are not valid and that illegal voting and fraud took place during the election. Twenty-one percent of Trump voters believe the results are valid and 79 percent believe the election was stolen.

Wow. This will be a real challenge for the Biden regime, should it succeed with its seizure of power. On top of that, millions and millions of Trump voters will know that going forward, elections will be meaningless. I guess the “unity and healing” will have to be coerced and manufactured.




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