Why Bad Guys So Often Win

Sometimes, the bad guys win. In fact, brutality, enslavement and dictatorship have been the NORM of human history. Soviet Russia? Hitler’s Germany? Mao’s China? Those are just the high profile examples. Millions and millions were slaughtered, whether in concentration camps or via economic policies like those being proposed by our Democratic Party right now. That’s just a fact.

By all the available evidence, the bad guys are winning in America. It goes beyond the election fiasco, although the election fiasco has dramatized and crystallized it.

There’s a saying: Evil triumphs only when the good are silent. It’s true. Up to now, the good have been silent. With rare (and heroic) exception, they don’t resist. They don’t fight back. They roll over, let it happen, and ask, “What can you do?” That’s not the spirit that fought and won the American Revolution and brought the Declaration of Independence — the declaration of man’s rights — to life.

In order NOT to be silent, you must first find the words to speak. You must know what ideas you’re up against. The bad guys all say some version of the same thing: Your life does not belong to you. When they attack capitalism, they’re not attacking rich people. Most of the people attacking capitalism are rich themselves! They’re attacking freedom. Not THEIR own freedom. They’re already set. It’s YOUR freedom they’re attacking.

When your neighbor, your cousin, your sibling or anyone else votes for Biden, he’s voting for socialism. He’s voting for the idea that your life doesn’t belong to you. Yes, Biden offers only a watered down, demented and incoherent version of that idea. But make no mistake: That’s his goal. And then there’s “The Squad” — AOC, and the others now rising to the top of the Democratic Party. That includes Kamala Harris, by the way, who WILL be President before long, on our current course. They are quite explicit about it. They might as well be saying: “Your life does NOT belong to you. It belongs to US.” They’ll try to make you feel guilty. “If you don’t go along with us, you’re a racist.” Racist? What does the desire to be FREE have to do with race? That right belongs to all races. The American Constitution settled that 150 years ago. This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with FREEDOM. Equal individual rights for all.

The Republican Party is, putting it mildly, an imperfect defender of those rights. Donald Trump was better than most, because he really loves freedom, on the whole, and because he was never a Republican. But the bad guys (apparantly) got control anyway. How? Specifically, through COVID. Which means: Through making most of us terrified. We cowered under the fear of getting a virus with a 99 percent survival rate. Is it rational to try and avoid getting that virus? Of course. I have always been a proud germophobe. But decisions on what steps to take should have been left up to the individual — not the state. And NOT the federal government, either, as Joe Biden now aims to do with endless lockdowns and mask mandates enforced in your kitchen and bathroom. To say nothing of the confiscatory taxes, massive regulations, outlawing of fossil fuels (meaning: outlawing of civilization as we know it) and all the disasters coming, since the good guys just roll over. Especially with Democrats taking control of the U.S. Senate which, on their present course, they will do in Georgia, with their virtually open acknowledgement of cheating to come.

In short, for bad guys to be defeated, good guys have to speak out. Stop being silent. Speak loudly and clearly, wherever you can. Speak through your actions and your resistance. Study Martin Luther King. Study Gandhi. Not so much their ideas as their practices and tactics, in standing up to injustice. Arm yourself well, intellectually and literally.

To defeat evil, you have to know WHY evil is so bad. The biggest thing about the evil people in our culture today is they’re saying the precise opposite of what Thomas Jefferson insisted all those years ago: That YOU are sovereign over your own life. That YOUR life belongs to YOU … and to nobody else. The corporate, educational, media, government and intellectual elites totally deny this. When they say “reset”, they aim to reset you — as if you’re a button or an inanimate object.

Your life belongs to you, no matter what anybody says. It’s not “selfish and bad” to think so. Once you believe this, and act every moment like you do, then you will defeat evil.



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