Careful What You Wish For, Leftists.

Thought to consider, especially if the Communist Democrats win, but even if they don’t:

Through COVID lockdowns and defunding the police/disarming the citizens of America’s cities, leftists counted on the resentful though generally quiet compliance of the citizens. These include the millions who will have voted for President Trump today, win or lose. These millions were NOT happy with the social unrest and economic collapse engineered by the Democrats.

If Democrats gain the control they so lust after, likely through a considerable degree of fraud, can they still count on the generally quiet, slightly resentful compliance of those who didn’t vote for them? Or will they have a real resistance on their hands? The resistance of decent, honorable and productive people, likely still led by a noncompliant Donald Trump?

I hope like anything President Trump wins, and at least retains the Senate. That will at least keep us in our present, though unsustainable, status quo.

But if things go badly for freedom tonight and over the next few days, Democrats may have become the victim of the age-old saying, “Careful what you wish for.” The real question here is: How much are lovers of liberty and freedom willing to take?



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